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A Former Employee


They may be labeled as 4 news using the internet (
). They run from Southern Fl, but as much as I can inform they normally use financial solutions all around the globe to procedure charge cards and toss men and women from the trail.

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They routinely hire in web site designers and expect these to crank around brand-new mark COMs (dating sites). At that time it looked like these were broadening having 4 developers at once, all cranking out 8-12 websites per week each (preferably, 4 daily). Inspite of the market teams the sites target, each website includes alike profile photographs from the thousands — all phony and admittedly stolen from also websites.  The websites have incredibly terrible flaws inside their searching skills. «Ah, that is not a big deal. Provided that neighborhood gender buddies operates fine, therefore does.» (only time I heard the name Local Intercourse Friends).

For a time, we took pride within the top-notch could work.  It don’t issue toward organization.  All they cared about was speed.

Each site group (4 at the same time, typically) were from various businesses. Tod Holdings Restricted. Plutus Associates Limited. Shavrel Limited. Stuff like that. All really weird names, and each one appeared to perhaps not exist beyond maybe having a dot COM that confirmed a generic «web marketing firm» web site — many were using the same web site. It really seemed like these people were simply generating and «off shore trace organizations» just to minimize odds of big losings.

They paid perfectly and lavished their staff like kings. It should be the only way they may be able persuade visitors to get involved in fraud. I’dn’t very worked out the conspiracy principle however, but i discovered it unusual everything we happened to be undertaking and began asking questions. Three different divisions merely mentioned, «I do not ask questions, I just perform (this task associated with process).»

We told a laid-back tale about my personal legislation knowledge re: piracy and exactly how I’m highly against, and will not use pirated computer software, tracks, an such like for my very own security (and went in terms of to force a past employer purchase a license, and banged aside a pirating roommate who had been using a link in my title). They I want to get within 24 hours without grounds. They probably think I didn’t observe their own personal computers happened to be all making use of 1000s of dollars of pirated software, each.

Getting free of them had been the most significant body weight off my chest i have ever endured.